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Jilted labourer jailed for killing masseuse


The man was jailed for ten years.

Hamza M. Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A labourer murdered a masseuse for spurning him after pocketing his Dhs7, 000 with a promise to marry him. He was on Tuesday jailed for ten years.

The Asian defendant, 30, strangled the Asian victim with hands and smothered her with a towel inside a health club on the eighth floor of a hotel in Al Mankhool area at around 6:30pm on Dec.16.2018, read records.

He decamped with her mobile. In court he admitted to the murder but denied the theft. The Dubai Criminal Court jailed him for ten years plus deportation over the murder and six months more over the theft charge.

In police and prosecution records, he went to a massage spa in Al Karama. She massaged him. They had a physical affair. She was beautiful. He requested to marry her and offered Dhs5, 000 if she accepted the proposal.

She accepted and took the money. They continued chatting on Whatsapp and he kept sending her phone credit. On Nov.20 she told him she was sick. He gave her Dhs2, 000 treatment fees. He later told her he was insolvent.

To his astonishment she placed his number in her phone’s reject list and also blocked him on Whatsapp. He got very disappointed. He searched for her via social media and found her photo included in a massage add on Imo.

He contacted the provided number posing as a client. A male recipient directed him to the club in Al Mankhool. There, he asked for her. A clerk asked him to pay Dhs100. The masseuse asked him to add Dhs60. He paid Dhs160.

He entered a massage room with her, disrobed and asked her for an affair. She refused. He angrily told her he had come to have an affair with her. She maintained her stance, insulted him and uttered words against his mother.

A fight broke out. She scratched his face. He clutched her and seized her neck. She slumped face down and started bleeding. He continued squeezing then covered her mouth and nose with the towel to suppress her screams.

He vowed not to leave her until she was dead. The gruesome attack lasted for ten minutes. He confirmed she breathed her last. He covered her face with the towel, snatched her mobile, fled to his flat, changed clothes and slept.

In the morning he rushed to his workplace and applied for leave. Cops got his photo from surveillance footage. He took cops to his flat where he had stashed her mobile inside his pillow. He also confessed before prosecutors.

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