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GCC suspects in the dock for attempted murder


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Ihab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday looked into the case of six GCC suspects, including a woman, who was charged with attempted murder of a compatriot. The suspects reportedly kidnapped the victim and drugged and stabbed him because he befriended the daughter of the family who fled the house.

The victim told the court he knew the daughter of the woman, the first suspect, via Instagram. She reportedly said she had problems with her family. He then asked to meet her and they met in her friend’s house.  The victim added he took her in his car where she told him her family knew about their friendship. He then asked her to stop messaging him, but she did not.

The fourth suspect, the girl’s cousin, called him, threatened him and asked to meet him but he refused. Then the suspect contacted him using different phone numbers.

On the day of the incident, the fourth suspect called the victim, telling him the girl disappeared and asked him to help her family search for her.

The victim reportedly told him he did not know anything about her.

They both met in a taxi to go to the house of the girl’s friend but on the way, the suspect called her mother, telling her he was close to the house. Then another car drove and stopped the taxi. The second and third suspect got off that car with others and forced the victim into the family’s house. At the entrance, the fourth suspect stabbed the victim in the hand.

The victim added, “They took me into a room, stripped me of my clothes, and made me sit on a chair, then they photographed me naked. They gave me a cigarette in which there was a strange substance. I felt dizzy after smoking it.”

The mother entered the room with another girl and attempted to find out where her daughter was but the victim told her he did not know anything about her.

“She then told the others to let me go. One of them injected me, and I felt unconscious. They took me put him in the back of a car, and headed to a clinic.” The victim added.

Later he reported what happened to the police.

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