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Taryam and Abdullah Omran Award winners feted


Sheikh Nahyan being received by Khaled Abdullah Omran Taryam in the premises of Dar Al Khaleej. Al Khaleej

Ashraf Marhally, Staff Reporter

Winners of the 16th Taryam and Abdullah Omran Press Award for the year 2018 were honoured at the 19th Dar Al Khaleej Conference in Sharjah on Saturday. The conference was held under the theme “The Emirati woman… Social Standing and Empowerment.”

An outstanding group of seniors and dignitaries attended the conference, which began with a speech by Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance, followed by a welcoming speech by Khaled Abdullah Omran Taryam, Chairman of Dar Al Khaleej. A speech was also given by Dr Yousef Al Hassan, Emirati intellectual, on behalf of Aysha Abdullah Omran Taryam, Editor in Chief of Gulf Today.

Sheikh Nahyan began his speech by thanking Dar Al Khaleej for Press & Printing and Publishing for undertaking great responsibilities through the years.

He affirmed that Emirati women are very keen to reinforce the Emirati identity with their amazing abilities of innovation, creativity, serious desire to work and initiate strong resolve and to perform and accomplish successfully.

Sheikh Nahyan added, “Al Khaleej annual conference has become a great and an important cultural event. It embodies the national affiliation of all in charge of Dar Al Khaleej and affirm their obvious keenness to study the successful march of the UAE, realising all the successive developments, seeking to influence positively in these developments, to achieve progress and prosperity of the UAE, the glory and prosperity of the nation, and peace and stability around the whole world.”

He said the conference is a valuable occasion where people express pride in Dar Al Khaleej and celebrate together the fragrant anniversary of its creators, the distinguished brothers, the Late Dr Abdullah Taryam and his brother, the Late Taryam Omran Taryam.

“We today express our feelings of acknowledgments and gratitude. We thank them for their outstanding achievements and their outstanding role in serving the nation. We thank them for their role in a prestigious march of the United Arab Emirates, and for their great keenness to serve the community and the development of human everywhere.

Sheikh Nahyan honoured the winners of the Award: Dr Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi, Director General of the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, who won the award for his article in Al Ittihad newspaper titled  “Arabic Language under Change .. Difficulties and Challenges.” Sheikh Nahyan also honoured Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, head of Al Ain News Portal, who won the e-press award.

Marwa Mohammed Hussein of “Kul Al Ausra” magazine, published by the Dar Al Khaleej Press & Printing and Publishing, was honoured for winning the Journalistic Dialogue Award for her dialogue with Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan, in which she committed to objectivity and professional standards of the basics of press interviews.

 Ashraf Jamal of “Al Emarat Al Youm “ was honoured for winning the investigative award for an investigation he conducted under the title “Qatari platforms publishing lies in cyberspace”, in which he committed to impartiality and journalistic quality.

Kamal Kassim, photographer of Gulf Today, was honoured for winning the photojournalism award for a portrait of the UAE showing its natural beauty.

Khaled Abdullah Taryam, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Taryam and Abdullah Omran Foundation for cultural and humanitarian works, had earlier congratulated the winners, saying that honouring is proof that the press is fine and goes on to wider horizons of responsibility and professionalism.

Taryam had added that the UAE press has the attention and support of the wise leadership and the various members of the community and will continue to be a source of official and diverse news, noting that the allocation of awards for the achievements of journalists is stimulating competition.

It is worth mentioning that the number of participants in the current version of the Award amounted to 120, including 50 for the investigative field, 30 for dialogue, 13 for the article, 12 for photography and 10 for the column.

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