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Game over for opposition, says Modi in Kannauj


Actor Sunny Deol joins the roadshow in support of BJP candidate in Ajmer on Saturday. Agence France-Presse

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took a pot shot at Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) over its alliance with the Samajwadi Party (SP), saying it has forgotten the insult to Dalit icon Babasaheb Ambedkar by the Akhilesh Yadav-led party.

Addressing an election rally here in Uttar Pradesh, Modi said the people are well aware of the opportunistic attitude of both the BSP and the SP.

“Let’s not forget how Samajwadi Party showed disrespect to Ambedkar in Tirwa. The BSP has forgotten that. In pursuit of power and position, Mayawati (BSP chief) is embracing those who humiliated Babasaheb,” the Prime Minister said.

He also claimed that the entire nation was praying for him.

Without naming Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister took a jibe at him, saying: “There are some bright and intelligent people in our country who can convert potato into gold. Neither can I do that, nor promise to do so.” The remark was in reference to Gandhi’s part of a speech last year wherein he mocked the Prime Minister over his promises made to the farmers. “The BJP would carry out works that are possible. The party is diligent towards doubling the income of farmers,” Modi said.

Slamming the opposition, he said: “We want to bring a saffron revolution in the country. Hearing this, anti-Hindu people feel disturbed, and target me. Saffron is the symbol of energy... we will bring an energy revolution in India.”

The Prime Minister said the people have decided after the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections to bring the Modi government back to power.

“That’s why the opposition is hassled,” he said.

At an election campaign in Kannauj which goes to the polls in the fourth phase on Monday, Modi said the whole country was campaigning for him and the BJP.

Like in 2014, it’s a straight fight on Kannauj between Samajwadi Party’s Dimple Yadav and BJP’s Subrat Pathak who lost last time narrowly by 19,000 votes.

“Modi’s campaign is being run by the women who was given gas cylinders by the government, by the girl who got a toilet at her home, by the man who got a house, by the couple whose children have been treated free of cost under Ayushman Bharat and by farmers who got direct money transfers,” he said.

“The opposition has abused this chowkidar and Ram bhakts but what happened? They were campaigning for themselves but the whole country was campaigning for this chowkidar.... the people of UP are fighting the polls for the BJP...

“The crowd in Kashi has unnerved the opposition and your presence here shows that you have decided to break the 2014 election results. People have decided to bring back Modi after the third phase of elections.”

Modi insisted that his government will not compromise with national security and accused the SP-BSP alliance of not having any policy to counter terror.

“There will be no compromise with national security. Terrorism is India’s greatest danger and terror factories are still running in Pakistan. The SP-BSP have no formula to counter terror. They have abused Modi so many times but never condemned terrorism. They are dreaming of becoming PM but have no plans to safeguard our security forces,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister underlined his government’s new doctrine of going after terrorists to eliminate them.

“The opposition cares only for its families and not for the country. But new India will not be afraid now. We will enter the homes of terrorist and kill them. Only then the country will be safe.” He hinted that the SP-BSP alliance will not be able to stop the BJP returning to power.

“History will be made on May 23. The new generation knows the opportunism of SP-BSP well.”

Modi on Friday launched a scathing attack on Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath and the Congress party over the recovery of crores of rupees in income tax raids, saying that within six months of coming to power they gave birth to the massive “Tughlaq Road scam.”

“This is only the trailer, they have five years still with them,” Modi said speaking at an election rally in support of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for Jabalpur constituency, Rakesh Singh.

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