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The Magic of ‘1001 Nights: Last Chapter’ continues


This once-in-a-lifetime show is transporting the audience to completely different worlds.

Audiences from all seven emirates are streaming in steadily to watch this global epic, turned into a once-in-a-lifetime show, ‘1001 Nights: The Last Chapter’ at the Al Majaz Amphitheatre in Sharjah. The fast-paced and energetic 90-minute show separated in three stunning acts, each led by one of Scheherazade’s three children, is leaving spectators thrilled and full of emotion.

The visual images created by the actors and dancers dressed in elaborate costumes have truly brought the old-world charm and mysticism of the One Thousand- and One-Nights tales in a way that has never been experienced before, live on stage. The massive screens that surround the 43-metre stage created for this untold story of an ill Scheherazade and her children’s journeys in fulfilling her last wish, are adding layers of entertainment value to the show, as they transport the audience to three completely different worlds.

With the greatest ease, the show’s actors, sets and life-like props, transform from a magical garden to a dark island in the middle of stormy seas, to a sandy desert.

It all comes together, most importantly, because of the quality of a strong, smooth-flowing narrative, which is backed by acrobats plunging from great heights, top-notch choreography and a 51-piece orchestra.   

As Sharjah begins its journey as Unesco World Book Capital 2019, this launch act, ‘1001 Nights: The Last Chapter’ sets the bar of expectations for book lovers and culture enthusiasts quite high. The nation is bubbling with excitement, as a literary adventure unlike any seen in the UAE begins to unfold in the Emirate.

The final chance to watch this immersive spectacle is today, April 27. Tickets are available from Dh135-Dhs400 at

The two men who have led the creation of ‘1001 Nights: The Last Chapter’, a massive stage production by Al Majaz Amphitheatre, need no introduction.

Philippe Skaff, one of the most acclaimed creative professionals in the Middle East, along with Canadian artist and ex Cirque du Soleil actor, Sébastien Soldevila, represent the formidable duo who have been at the helm of this epic, One Thousand and One Nights inspired production.

On the eve of the show’s debut, they raised the bar of excitement and anticipation saying in unison that the UAE and the world are in for a jaw-dropping experience.

“You will be living a dream,” said Skaff, Director of Creation of The Last Chapter, who was confident the show would be a game-changer in the Gulf’s entertainment world. “An untold story of Scheherazade will be narrated through best-in-class theatrical performances,” he said, which the Al Majaz show is bringing to life as ‘The Last Chapter’.

He had further said, “The production will hold its ground as the most spectacular stage adaptation of the most decorated folk tales in Arab culture, and reinforce Sharjah’s status as a centre of excellence in entertainment inspired by the region’s own culture.

“No effort has been spared to make this show a world-class act, and will be a first for the Arab region. It is the most immersive experience yet into the One Thousand and One Nights anthology, developed by some of the world’s best theatrical and technical teams.”

To this, Show Director Soldevila added that ‘The Last Chapter’ will be “awe-inspiring in the way it will create a panorama of vibrant live imagery, music, and skilful acrobatics on an evocative set created by some of the best in the business.” He asserted it would be a spectacular experience for the whole family, not to be missed.

“The show will allow us to revisit one of Arabia’s most-loved folk classics, freshly interpreted by contemporary artists and the very best in the world of live entertainment. We are bringing a whole new way of storytelling, never experienced before by theatre-goers and culture enthusiasts.”

The world’s best creative minds in live experiential entertainment have joined forces to create what is being dubbed as the biggest and most powerful stage adaptation of One Thousand and One Nights. With heads of Multiple International and Artists in Motion, choreographers associated with recent Cirque du Soleil productions, and top orchestra talents involved, Sharjah has pulled out all stops to create the much-awaited epic, ‘1001 Nights: The Last Chapter’.

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