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Man swindles Dhs407000 from expat woman


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Court of Cassation in Abu Dhabi has upheld the six-month-jail term issued by the Court of First Instance against a convict involved in stealing Dhs407,000 from bank account of a non-resident woman. This was after she had sent the convict her bankcard in order to close her bank account, as she was outside the country.

In the details, the plaintiff opened a bank account in the country, in which she authorised the mobile number of the convict’s son. This was after the convict had advised her to register a local number, so as to contact easily with the bank, because she is a non-resident. She also rented an apartment in Al Reem Island and gave its key to the convict before she left the counter.

The defendant subsequently informed her that her bank account would be closed because she is a non-resident, so he asked her to send the bankcard to close the account and withdraw the money within maximum three days. She actually sent him the card and he withdrew the money and closed the account.

The accused tried to persuade the victim not to return to the country because she had problems with the residency authorities. However, when she applied for the visit visa, she got it easily and found that he tricked her and seized money from her account.

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance sentenced the convict to a one year in prison to stay of execution for three years from the date of the sentence with a fine of Dhs10,000.

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