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Students learn forensic studies


This visit comes in the context of the efforts made for the success of the Khalifa Programme for Security Education.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Police’s Forensic Laboratory Department received a delegation of 22 students from Taryam Omran Secondary School in Sharjah, accompanied by an officer from the Community Police Department, the course supervisor, Abdullah Mohammed Khair, and Eid Ibrahim Hasan from the Sharjah Education Council.

This visit comes in the context of the efforts made for the success of the Khalifa Programme for Security Education, which aims to teach the students about the nature of work of a crime police officer. It also seeks to identify the tasks and technical duties of the scientific specialisations in the department through a scientific approach that relies on dealing with the trails, and physical evidence to reveal the mystery of various criminal cases and reach accurate results using modern, scientific techniques of the department.

Afterwards, the Field Supervisor and Chief Ali Obaid Hasawi, a forensic evidence technician, escorted the students on a tour of various branches and technical units. Students paid attention to the detailed explanation about the nature and mechanism of the technical work.

They also learned about the method of evidence collecting, and laboratory tests, which include biological tests, DNA test, chemical tests, documents, machinery, and forensic examinations. Students checked out the equipment, and modern techniques used in crime detection, which reflect the notable development of the Sharjah Police, and the positive impression they made about the practical implementation of scientific specialisations, and their great effectiveness in detecting crimes and identifying criminals.

At the end of the visit, the supervisor paid tribute to the Sharjah Police and the working staff of the Forensic Laboratory Department. He expressed his admiration for the outstanding work, the extent of the development, and the efforts made to serve and protect the community.

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