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Sheikh Mohammed criticizes Emirates Post’s performance


People queue up at the Emirates Post office in Dubai.

In a strong and clear message from a unique leader in governance stemming from the tireless management, supervision and follow-up and holding accountable all remises, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, posted a photo on his Twitter account criticising the level of service offered at one service centre of Emirates Post.

His Highness said on Twitter commenting on the photo, “I received it through an undercover shopper for the level of services at Emirates Post ... This is not our level. Nor our services. Anyone who continues to provide this level of service will not be part of my team.”

He added, “We have sent a team to inspect the level of service at Emirates Post in one of its centres…The team returned with this report… I disclose it in front of everyone with full transparency ... I say to everyone in the government, nothing will pass without follow-up with full transparency.”

His Highness also attached a report of five themes submitted by the team:

1. Services

• No service standards that show commitment to customers’ happiness.

• Long waiting period to complete transactions.

• 75 per cent of customers who visit the post offices is to receive ID cards, as they must attend themselves.

2. Efficiency of Services

• 80 per cent of all cards that are delivered at Al Karama Post Office, including those who do not have P.O Box (category of workers).

• Services have not been designed based on the study of customer needs.

3. Client Experience

• There is no consistent experience for the centre’s clients of different categories.

• Long queues due to sending at the same time SMSs notifying large numbers of customers to receive their ID cards.

• Failing to complete transactions through one counter, customers have to move between several counters to have their transaction completed.

4. Capacity

• Based on the 2018 Star System Report of the Centre, it was found that demand expectations were set based on the number of transactions, while failed to foresee the demand volume at each service level.

• The Centre delivers more than 3,000 ID cards a day, causing heavy congestion.

• Capacity does not fit the number of customers.

5. Service culture

• The Centre’s staff needs further training in terms of employee behaviour and customer handling mechanisms.