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Man warned against vow to butcher wife


The court sentenced him to six months in prison.

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A husband who beat, insulted and threatened to slaughter his wife following a spate of marital wrangles has been let off with a warning from the Appeals Court.

The Arab man, 43, was quoted allegedly threatening the Iranian housewife, 31, “Get out of the house. If you don’t get out I am going to slaughter you. Your funeral is going to take place here in the house.”

He battered her and she sustained injuries that took several days to heal, read a medical report. The violence campaign happened inside their marital house in Mizhar-2 area on April 26 and May 19 last year.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced him to six months in prison.

He appealed while arguing the incidents never happened.

The Appeals Court has handed him a suspended three-month prison term.  

On the record, she was in the house on April 26 when he beat her up and kicked her out with her children and threatened her. On May 19 they had a heated argument after which he assaulted her.

He whipped her with a hanger on various parts of her body.

He grabbed her neck with both hands and tried strangling her. Their son, 16, intervened to free her from his grip. He screamed obscenities.

He chased her out. She went to stay with her father in Ajman. He tasked her second son to contact and tell her not to return home and that if she did so he was determined to kill her there and then.

The first son said he was in his bedroom at the beginning of Ramadan when he heard noise from a heated argument between his father and mother in the mother’s bedroom. Both had already separated bedrooms.

The father was thrusting blows on her and repeatedly whipping her with a hanger. The son grabbed it.

He chased her out and vowed to slaughter her. For her safety, the son held him at bay until she left.

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