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Now ID cards will be renewed in four hours


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Jihan Shuaib, Staff Reporter

Work is under way to issue ID cards in a record tome of one to four hours through the Ajil service, said Nasser Al Abdouli, Director of Registration Centres Support Department at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Procedures will see some improvements in the upcoming period, he added, stressing the necessity to pay attention to ID renewal reminders sent to all applicants 3 weeks before their respective cards are issued.

Al Abdouli pointed out that ID cards can be renewed through the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship’s website and handed over through Emirates Post.

Al Abdouli, who was talking with Khalid Al Marzouqi from Al Rabia FM on Ajman Radio, said a full team is checking on the authority’s website on a daily basis to ensure it is not disabled, adding that in case of any problem with the website, people can communicate with the call centre on 600530003 so that the problem is solved and the card is renewed electronically.

If card renewal fees have been deducted from a customer twice because of a technological problem, the authority takes fees only once and the other amount will be returned to the customer’s account after 25 days, he said.

In an unrelated event, Aya Al Deeb reported that The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court postponed the case of an Arab youth accused of trying to kill his grandmother his father’s side, by burning her, to April 23 for defense and advocacy.

The grandma filed a complaint accusing her grandson of trying to kill her, as she was locked inside the vehicle in which she was traveling with him, and that he tried to put the vehicle top fire trying to kill her.

The defendant denied the allegations justifying that the fire was caused by mistake, because he kept the equipment used for camping, including a gas cylinder that was leaking in the car. He also noted that there are no differences between him and his grandmother, as they have good relations.

He requested the Court to listen to witnesses whom he brought to the courtroom - his uncle, friend and neighbour. The court responded to his request and heard testimonies of the witnesses separately.

The first witness confirmed that the gas cylinder that was used in the incident had a malfunction in its valve. The second witness pointed out they had planned for a picnic and prepared all equipment that included a gas cylinder and a grill. He then learnet that the gas cylinder had caused a fire in the defendant’s vehicle.

The third witness said that he was sitting in his room on the day of the incident and heard screams out. He looked out of the window glass and found the defendant’s car on fire. He got out of his apartment and found the accused trying to open the car’s doors until he managed to open one and took out his grandma.

Aya Al Deeb reported The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court has adjourned the verdict on six Asian defendants, including a woman, accused of robbing and killing a compatriot young woman to April 30, 2019.

The defendants had been referred by the Public Prosecution to the Court based on their involvement in murder of a compatriot young woman following robbing her.

This was after the security departments were alerted about presence of a dead young woman in an apartment. The investigations and scene examination showed that she had been robbed and strangled by a pillow that led to her death.

Through the investigation, the police were able to identify and arrest the perpetrators.  

The sixth defendant had informed the others that the victim owns large sums of cash money and jewels which she earned from her work in vice. They remained monitoring her for some time until they made sure that she was alone at home and probably sleeping. They sneaked into her house, opened her locker and seized her possessions. While they were leaving, one of them hit a table making a noise that awakened the victim. She got up and cried loudly to get neighbors’ help. They ran to her and put a pillow on her face and remained pressing until she died.

In another case, recently, The Supreme Federal Court upheld the Appellate Court’s verdict sentencing two suspects to six months in jail on charges of owning and abusing psychotropic substances, according to a report by Aya Al Deeb.

The Court ordered the confiscation of the seizures and the deportation of the second suspect.

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