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Duo charged with faking official documents


The court heard the case of two Arabs charged with forging

Ameer Al Sunni, Staff Reporter

The Fujairah Misdemeanours Court heard the case of two Arabs charged with forging official document.

According to the official records, the first defendant met a person outside the UAE who asked him to encash a €1million cheque for him. He told him that he would get a commission against this service.

The defendant came to the UAE on a visit visa and sought the assistance of the second defendant, a UAE resident who had a bank account, to deposit the amount in his account.

On the day of the incident, the defendant deposited the cheque to a bank but the bank employee discovered that the cheque was forged. He notified the police accordingly and the defendant was arrested and referred to the public prosecution. After investigations had been completed, the public prosecution ordered the defendant to stand trial on forgery charges.

The defendant denied the charge and the defence lawyer said there was no certificate from the UAE Central Bank that the cheque was forged and the charge was levelled by the bank only. The court set a date for a subsequent session for a verdict.

Adnan Okasha reported: An Emirati old man, suffered a heavy loss after his 120 sheep died in his manor in Al Kharran in Ras Al Khaimah. The Dhs100,000 sheep drowned in the flooded valleys, which flowed following the heavy rain that fell on the emirate on Saturday.

Abdullah Al Shehabi, 75, said he made a 1.5 metre high embankment in his farm to protect his sheep in case of flooded valleys. The heavy water that fell for several hours on Saturday, however, led the full herd to drown and prevented him and his workers to reach the manor. The Asian worker and his friend, however, wore life jackets and were able to rescue 5 small sheep because of their light weight. The water level was at the time as high as 1.5 metres high but became later nearly 2.5 metres high.

Al Shehabi pointed out that he was retired from the Ministry of Education and is receiving a pension of  Dhs10,000 per month to cover his expenses with his wife and unmarried daughter, noting that he used to spend around Dhs4,000 on his sheep and pay his worker Dhs1,500. The sheep used to provide his own family and those of his married sons with all the meat and milk they needed.

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