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Watch how an Indian girl rides a horse to board exams


CA Krishna poses for a photograph with her horse in Mala, Thrissur.

She rides a horse through the streets in style. She is humble and passionate, yet brave. She is young and we aren’t talking about a warrior here. She is from the South Indian state of Kerala and like any other girl of her age, she has dreams; a dream of riding a horse ‘to the board exams.’ Many won’t go for the idea especially on such an important day.  Well, someone has to do it to break the norm.

Meet CA Krishna, who is from Mala, a town in the Thrissur district of Kerala. Her video of riding a horse named 'Ranakrish' in school uniform with a backpack has gone viral.

Watch the video:

Krishna was on her way to appear for the Secondary School Leaving Certificate examination. She is from Holy Grace Academy, Mala. It was her last test.

Krishna is a passionate horse rider. She has been riding for the past three years. She is an active member of Thrissur horse riding club.

A motorist saw the young girl galloping her way to the centre for the test. The clip immediately caught the attention of netizens. Heaps of praise poured in for the lady to break the stereotypes in India.

Chairman of Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to express his feelings. He said, “Brilliant! Girls’ education is galloping ahead... A clip that deserves to go viral globally. This, too, is #IncredibleIndia.”

Mahindra also said, “Does anyone in Thrissur know this girl? I want a picture of her and her horse as my screen saver. She’s my hero…The sight of her charging to school filled me with optimism for the future...”

Manoj Kumar, CEO Naandi Foundation, tweeted the video along with a caption, “This video clip from my #whatsappwonderbox shows how a girl student is going to write her Class X final exam in Thrissur district, Kerala. This story made my Sunday morning brew of @arakucoffeein taste better!... #GirlPower." Naandi is an NGO in India, working to eradicate poverty.

Krishna CA is the daughter of a temple priest and her mother is a homemaker. Well for Krishna, she had her dream come true by riding a horse to school.

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