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17-month-old girl run over by neighbour’s car


The baby died of severe injuries in the hospital.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

SHARJAH:  A 17-month-old Arab girl died after being run over by a neighbour’s car in front of the family’s house in the Maliha area of Sharjah.

The Central area Police Operations Room received a report alerting a girl was accidentally run over by a car driven out of the neighbour’s yard.

The baby died of severe injuries in the hospital, where she suffered brain hemorrhage and internal bleeding.

The victim went out of the house on the day of the incident with her two-and-a-half year-old elder sister, while their mother was unaware.

According to a separate report by Ehab Atta, the Dubai Criminal Court on Tuesday looked into the case of a 39-year-old Asian charged with stabbing his relative roommate after the latter advised him to take care of his work and go on time.

The court charged the suspect with attempted murder.

The victim reported he entered the suspect’s room to talk with him, but the suspect stabbed him with a knife which he took from under his bed, and then began to cry apologetically about what he had done.

An Asian driver testified he witnessed an altercation between the suspect and the victim before the incident because the victim urged the suspect to care for his work and go on time.

Meanwhile, according to another report by Muna Al Badawi, a Syrian national, identified as Mohammed, 30, succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday after the car he was in had an accident on the road leading to Mezyad between the Waterfront Roundabout and Al Sinaiya Roundabout in the beginning of this month.

A vehicle on a road in which roadworks were being carried out swerved suddenly to hit the vehicles on the opposite side. The injured was hospitalised but succumbed to his injuries later.

According to the victim’s brother, there were 4 people in the vehicle who were heading to Mezyad when the accident took place. Police patrols and ambulances rushed to the scene of the accident and took the injured people to the hospital for medical treatment but Mohammed died later. The victim is survived by two daughters.

Separately, the Sharjah Criminal Court adjourned to April 23, to summon the victim, in a case of four Asians charged with kidnapping and assaulting a person and stealing Dhs2,850 after impersonating policemen, according to a report filed by Mohammed Barakat.

Details date back to earlier when four Asians impersonated policemen and kidnapped a person and stole Dhs2,850 from him.

The victim contacted the police and guided them to the suspects, who were arrested and referred to the prosecution to complete the legal proceedings against them.

The court faced the suspects with the charges which they denied but confessed to assaulting the victim.

They admitted that there was a dispute with the victim over the sale of alcohol.

The third suspect denied participating in assaulting the victim.

In a separate case in Fujairah the Criminal Court of Fujairah has looked into a case of a Khaleeji young man accused of consuming psychotropic substances and cannabis.

The details of the case date back to the time, when the police arrested the defendant who was found positive to narcotics. Consequently, he had been referred to the Court, where he was sentenced to two years in jail and slapped with a fine.

The defendant requested to be transferred to an addiction treatment centre, pointing out that he had been previously convicted in 12 previous cases and that bad companions in prison had caused him to return to drugs.

In a separate report by Ameer Al Sunni as many as 83 kilogrammes of paan, neswar and supari were seized from a vehicle loaded with banned materials for circulation in Dibba, Eng. Hassan Salem Al Yamahi, Director General of Dibba Al Fujairah Municipality, revealed.

The seizure was the fruit of a campaign that the municipality launched to fight the negative phenomena, which had detrimental effect on public health and the environment, improve community practices and bring public cleanliness to higher levels, he said.

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