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Housemaid sets her sponsor’s car on fire


The court sentenced a housemaid to six months in jail and fined her Dhs5,000.

Mohammed Barakat, Staff Reporter

SHARJAH: The Sharjah Criminal Court sentenced a housemaid to six months in jail and fined her Dhs5,000 after she was convicted of premeditatedly setting fire to her sponsor’s car.

The court heard the witness who made the criminal report on the car fire. The witness indicated his department received information alerting a fire in a car in Sharjah.

The witness added he rushed to the scene to take samples and examine the location of the incident.

He pointed out a source of rapid heat and direct flame was connected to the car, adding that the car was locked but not secured, so that anyone can open it.

The witness noted out that the box between the two front seats was open at the beginning of the fire and that the owner of the car told him he had perfume, which he did not find. The witness pointed out that the fire was not caused by the perfumes.


The Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) at the Sharjah Police General Command arrested a gang of 5 Asians who robbed a house and stole money, jewellery and watches worth Dhs1m.

A tip off was received by the Sharjah Police alerting that a house was robbed by anonymous persons while the owner of the house was outside the country with his family.  The CID team examined the site, and through investigation, they identified and arrested one of the suspects.

the suspect confessed he did not commit theft alone, but with four others.

The police arrested the defendants and on being confronted with the first suspect’s confessions, they confessed to their crime.

The first suspect reportedly took advantage of being in the house for maintenance and planned his crime.  The Commander of Sharjah Police praised the high efficiency of the CID team, the arrest of the suspects and restoring the stolen money in a timely manner.

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