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Man assaults wife, urges her to forgive him


The court reserved the case for a verdict.

Amir Al Sunni, Staff Reporter

FUJAIRAH: The Fujairah Misdemeanours Court looked into a case of an Asian charged with assaulting his wife.

Details date back to an earlier time when a dispute erupted between the suspect and his wife. The dispute ended with the husband beating up his wife with his hand several times, pushing her back to hit the wall, hitting her head. She then lost consciousness and the suspect took her to hospital for treatment.

The victim told the police the husband was the one who assaulted her and he was then arrested.

Before the judge, the husband confessed to his crime and asked his wife for forgiveness.

The court reserved the case for a verdict.

A couple of days ago the Fujairah Misdemeanours Court looked into the case of an Asian man and a house maid charged with encouraging sin.

Details of that case date back to the time when the maid engaged in a relationship with the second suspect by meeting him in her room at the sponsor’s house after the family left.

When the family returned and the sponsor’s wife called the maid, she did not come, so the wife headed to her room only to be left shocked by the second suspect. The wife reportedly told her husband, who in turn called the police. The police headed to the house and arrested them.

The prosecution referred them to court on charges of encouraging sin. On being interrogated, the suspect told the judge the maid was his cousin.  The Court reserved the case for a ruling in a later session. In another recent case, a penniless runaway maid who sold her two-week-old illegitimate daughter to an undercover cop at Dhs10, 000  failed to win a more lenient penalty.

The African maid, 30, and her compatriot colleague, 28, made use of the baby’s weakness to offer her for sale in breach of her dignity, prosecutors explained. Both denied the charge in court. The Criminal Court sentenced the maid to six months in prison to be followed by deportation and sentenced the colleague to three months in prison to be followed by deportation. Both appealed. The Appeals Court cleared the colleague. The colleague had told police and prosecutors that she protested the maid’s decision to sell the baby.

“I escorted her because she was in a bad psychological state.”

In prosecution records, the maid had absconded from Abu Dhabi. She worked at different places. A friend told her an Emirati man was searching for a maid to work for a family for a monthly salary of Dhs2,000.

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