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Abu Dhabi cop rescues driver from drowning


Al Shehhi expressed his pride in fulfilling his humanitarian duty in providing assistance for those in need.

Mahmoud Ads, Staff Reporter

A policeman at the Abu Dhabi Police rescued an Asian driver from drowning, after the latter attempted to commit suicide by jumping into the sea.

He reportedly was under traumatic impact as a result of a collision between two vehicles, which drove him to jump into the sea.

He was unaware of his dangerous behaviour that could lead to drowning.

This was after the traffic patrols reached the scene to reconstruct the accident, where people told the cops that the vehicle’s driver, which caused the collision, and who had symptoms of serious trauma, rushed to the sea and flung himself into it.

Without wasting a second, the senior assistant, Rashid Salem Al Shehhi, from the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols, jumped into the water to rescue the driver.

All through the rescue operation Al Shehhi himself was in danger of drowning several times due to the stubborn resistance of the driver.

However, he rescued the driver, who remained in a coma for ten days in hospital due to the serious trauma he suffered, and the great physical effort he exerted in resisting the rescue operation.

Rashid Al Shehhi also received medical treatment at the hospital.

Al Shehhi represents an honourable example of the bravery and sacrifice to help those in need, reflecting the vision of Abu Dhabi Police and its humanitarian role in saving and preserving life and property.

Al Shehhi expressed his pride in fulfilling his humanitarian duty in providing assistance for those in need in emergencies that require such positive intervention, embodying the concept and values of humanitarianism between police and society.

He pointed out that a police officer can never abandon his community role when needed and provides assistance in various circumstances, especially when the matter relates to saving lives.

He further praised the efforts of two Asians who were present at the scene and reacted positively to help in controlling the driver.

This positively translates the Abu Dhabi Police’s initiatives to enhance the positive participation of the society and harness their capabilities and skills in maintaining security and stability.

They further aim to promote the concept that society's cooperation bolsters the police efforts to maintain the gains of security. 


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