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Court orders husband to repay huge debt to wife


The Court obligated a GCC husband to repay Dhs2,765,515 to his ex-wife.

Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

ABU DHABI: The Abu Dhabi Appellate Court obligated a GCC husband to repay Dhs2,765,515 to his ex-wife, which she paid for furnishing the house owned by the husband during their marriage.

Details date back to earlier when the wife filed a lawsuit stating that she was married to the suspect for 11 years, and during her marriage he asked her to furnish the house on the basis of debt which he promised to repay. She added she paid Dhs2,765,515 but he did not pay back despite being repeatedly asked to do.

The Court of First Instance rejected all the wife’s requests for lack of evidence proving she had paid the amount.

The wife’s lawyer presented a number of bills to the Court of Appeal with the wife’s name, proving she had paid the house’s furniture.

By confronting the husband with the wife’s statements, he denied them all.

The Appellate Court said the attached documents and the report of the experience affirmed the sincerity of the wife’s words, and obligated the husband to pay the amount.

In an unrelated case, The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a husband and his wife to the Misdemeanours Court on charges of seizing Dhs725,000 fraudulently. The first suspect reportedly deluded the victim alleging he could arrange him a passport of a GCC country, due to his relations with the government, as he claimed.

However, upon receiving the amount in cash and cheques, the suspect fled and it turned out he had already been deported from the UAE.

According to the prosecution’s investigation, the suspect was planning the crime since 2013 when he knew the compatriot victim and told him he could get him a GCC passport, claiming he had a good connect with the government and the ruling family in that GCC country. The suspect demanded the victim for a payment of Dhs610,000 in cash, besides two cheques of Dhs400,000.

The second suspect, the wife encashed the cheques in her favuor. After about a year and a half, the first suspect disappeared and it was found he had been deported since 2002 and had not entered the UAE in accordance with regulations.