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Sharjah Police organise lectures


An awareness lecture under way for staff members and drivers at the Sharjah Indian School.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

SHARJAH: In collaboration with the Traffic and Patrols Department and Sharjah Police Training Institute, the Community Police Department organised two awareness lectures for staff members and drivers at the Sharjah Indian School. The first lecture addressed awareness of traffic safety and laws, and methods of keeping the safety and security of road users.

As for the second lecture, the dangers and risks of social media were discussed, in the presence of Lieutenant Mohammed Khalifa Boughanem, Director of the Community Relations Branch of the Community Police Department, along with administrators and staff members at the school premises.

The lectures aimed at strengthening the Sharjah Police’s strategy to communicate and deepen its community responsibilities in spreading and maintaining safety and security among all segments of the society.

The first lecture focused on raising awareness among the bus drivers and supervisors of the school, and giving advice and guidance on how to reduce the number of accidents that occur during their trip to and from the school. Moreover, providing the drivers with more information about traffic laws and urging them to abide by the traffic rules and regulations was also a major target of the lecture, in pursuit of the Ministry of Interior’s strategic goal of making roads safer.

The second lecture addressed the definition and the spreading of awareness about the risks of negative aspects of dealing with social media and the results that may ensue. It also urged the attendees to deal with such social techniques properly and use them for the main purpose of keeping up with the technological developments, in order to serve members of the society.

Recently, the Dubai Police unveiled new sophisticated cameras installed at pedestrian crossings to monitor vehicles that fail to abide by the traffic regulations.

Maj. Gen. Saif Al-Zafeen, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Operations at Dubai Police, and Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council, noted that the move aims to control vehicles that do not give priority to pedestrians.

He pointed out that drivers who do not commit to giving priority to people in the places designated for pedestrian crossings will be fined Dhs500 plus six traffic points. Such acts may result in run-over accidents that endanger lives of passersby.

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