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Fakeeh University Hospital elevates emergency services in Dubai with advanced medical centre


Top health officials during the opening ceremony in Dubai.

Sajjad Ahmad, Deputy Business Editor

Fakeeh University Hospital recently inaugurated a cutting-edge Accident and Emergency Centre in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

This center stands as one of the largest emergency departments in Dubai, spanning 35,000 square feet, and boasts a dedicated helipad for ambulance helicopters.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to enable efficient handling of a substantial volume of emergency cases, Fakeeh University Hospital is committed to using its advanced facility to ensure the provision of life-saving emergency services and round-the-clock urgent care for Dubai's community and the nation.

This development solidifies the hospital's esteemed position as a premier provider of critical and emergency care services, underscoring its dedication to promoting community well-being and health.

On this occasion, Dr Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of Health Regulation Sector at the Dubai Health Authority, affirmed the authority's recognition of the strength and capabilities of the private healthcare sector in Dubai. He pointed out that the sector's ongoing developments and expansions contribute to medical tourism and reflect Dubai's distinctive investment climate in this vital sector. Dr Al Mulla highlighted that the collaboration with Fakeeh University Hospital aligns with the Dubai Health Authority's continuous efforts to enhance emergency medical services in the Emirate.

The authority is keen on fostering the expansion and diversification of healthcare services within the highest standards and practices, particularly in the field of emergency care.

Dr Al Mulla highlighted that the aim of promoting the development of such services is to enhance the healthcare infrastructure in Dubai across all specialties and ensure optimal response to emergency cases for citizens, residents, and visitors throughout the Emirate.

The collaboration with Fakeeh University Hospital is a significant step towards reaching new horizons in emergency care in Dubai, providing a comprehensive care system focused on the health and safety of patients.

Dr Mohaymen Abdelghany, Vice President & Chief Executive Officer of Fakeeh University Hospital in Dubai added that the hospital has met the set criteria by the authority to obtain the required accreditation before commencing services. Key requirements include ensuring access to trauma surgeons and specialists round-the-clock, launching continuous quality improvement initiatives for emergency services, and providing continuous training for medical staff and nurses in accident injuries.

He emphasised the hospital's dedication to equipping the Accident and Emergency Centre with the latest medical technologies for immediate treatment of critical cases, recognizing the crucial importance of time in the field of accident injuries and emergencies. The focus is on delivering precise, effective, and urgent care for emergency cases to achieve maximum treatment opportunities and save patients' lives.


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