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49 per cent of travellers in UAE suffer from Nomophobia


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Around 49% of travellers from the UAE suffer from Nomophobia, according to a new global survey conducted by the Priority Pass programme for airport experiences.

Nomophobia is the fear of being without a mobile phone, can lead to anxiety, depression and isolation, as well as physical problems such as headaches.

The program surveyed 8,500 people in 11 countries and found that one in three people around the world (34%) finds it difficult to relax while traveling.

The survey showed that travellers from the UAE were among the least likely to stay away from electronic devices during their vacation, compared to residents of other countries.

More than half of travellers (58%) admitted that they find it difficult to limit the time they spend on their phones while on vacation, while 61% of millennials also suffer from the same problem.

57% of travellers try hard to stop checking work-related inquiries, while 28% of travellers from the UAE check their mobile phone every half hour or less, which is 10% more than the global average.

Globally, more than 6 out of 10 travellers (62%) said that problems that arise before take-off often lead to symptoms of nomophobia.

Half of travelers around the world (53%) feel that sitting in the airport lounge has contributed to reducing the use of their electronic devices during their previous trips, compared to 50% of travelers from the UAE who also agree that shopping in the duty free market (51%) and eating food Drinks (41%) are considered one of the most effective ways to stay away from electronic devices before taking off.

Christopher Evans, CEO of Collinson International, said: “The ability to stay away from your mobile phone is more important than ever. Our study indicates that nomophobia is a real disorder.

With more than a third (37%) of travelers from the UAE staying away from electronic devices at the beginning of their trip, they soon feel compelled to check on how things are going at home.

As a result, the program asked survey participants to devise an ideal itinerary that would not produce symptoms of nomophobia. Travelers in the UAE said: The best type of travel to relax and stay away from mobile devices is a trip to the beach, followed by a city break, a safari or a camping trip. The trip must extend for a full week, and women said that wandering through the duty-free shop is their favorite part of the airport before take-off, while men prefer to sit in the airport lounge.

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