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This dog has the world’s longest tongue

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Zoey has been having a very long tongue ever since she was a puppy.

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Barely a few months after a British setter, Bisbee, bagged the Guinness for the world’s longest tongue, an American pooch has dislodged it from its glorious pedestal.

The Labrador/German shepherd mix, from Louisiana, has a tongue that is a whopping 5 inches long, longer than a soft drink can.

But the dog has had a very long tongue ever since her puppy days.

Her ‘paw-rents’ Sadie and Drew thought she'd grow into it.

In her first picture, taken when she was barely six weeks old, her tongue would be seen sticking out, according to a British TV channel.

Zoey's favourite activities include playing fetch and chasing squirrels.

The dog that has the all-time record for the longest tongue ever recorded is unfortunately no more.

Mochi, a St. Bernard from North Dakota, passed away two years ago. Her tongue measured 7.3 inches.

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