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102-year-old US doctor says drinking plenty of water is the secret to long life


Gladys McGarry.

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A 102-year-old American doctor Gladys McGarry credits the secret of her long healthy life to consuming large amounts of water, exercising and following a healthy diet.

She said that the routine is worth maintaining good health and strength. The doctor released a book that she started writing two years ago, entitled "The Good Life", which revolves around six secrets about health and happiness at every age.

The book was published this May.

McGarry said she still exercises and rides regularly on her classic adult tricycle around her home in Scottsdale, Arizona, and that the key isn't some secret superfood or energy ingredient, but plenty of water. Making sure the body is hydrated helps prevent future problems.

“My programme is very simple, I do stretching in the morning, then I eat a healthy, high-fibre meal, a cup of coffee and then I go to work,” McGarry added.

At noon, I eat a healthy lunch like a salad or maybe something heavier before I take an hour nap. I take 3,800 steps a day, mostly around my house.

Then I eat something lighter for dinner so that I do not sleep with my stomach full, and I go to sleep at eight in the evening, and even if I did not sleep for a long time, a little of it is enough, especially with age, we get a lot of rest.

She continued, “If our bodies are not sufficiently hydrated, it leads to a myriad of problems in the future. Our bodies are largely made of water, and it needs water to sustain itself. Without enough water, it can cause memory problems, confusion, and other health problems.

"Drinking water is a simple matter for us here in the United States and other developed countries that contributes to our health and well-being. I am keen to keep my body hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water, working to achieve my goals and plans and keeping my business running, as this is what keeps the spark of my activity and my health burning.”


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