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Twiggy shares why she has never had cosmetic surgery

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Model, Designer, Singer and Actress, Twiggy received her Honour for services to Fashion, to the Arts and to charity. File

Twiggy has opened up about ageing and how cosmetic surgery “frightens” her.

The model, whose real name is Dame Lesley Lawson, has never undergone cosmetic procedures such as Botox, unlike numerous other celebrities.

The 73-year-old said she is “proud” of her wrinkles, but remained open to the idea of someday having “little tweaks”.

In a new interview with the Daily Mail, Twiggy said: “I’m kind of proud of my wrinkles. I understand when people have little tweaks and maybe I’ll even do it, I don’t know.

“But what I don’t think I’d ever do is all the stuff they inject, when they get those funny cheeks that look like cotton wool balls have been stuffed in them. It would frighten me.”


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Asked if she would consider Botox, the fashion icon replied: “It’s botulism, isn’t it? And I never fancied the idea of that floating round my body.”

Twiggy also spoke about her body and credited going to pilates once a week for helping alleviate a bad back. Aside from that, she is relaxed about exercise and her weight.

She added: “I’m bigger than I was, but I should be at my age.”

In 2020, the model told the Guardian that she did not think the fashion industry would ever “go completely away from slimness”.

Her own nickname was rooted in her petite figure and she has been associated with “extreme thinness” throughout her modelling career.

Asked at the time if the industry needs to focus more on different shapes and sizes, she said: “I don’t think the high fashion industry will ever go completely away from slimness but I think other parts of the industry have started to use different shapes and sizes, and I think they should.”

She has previously spoken about her “skinny” body image, which she believes is genetic, and said “some models” are “too thin”.

“We do know that there are girls pushed to not eating and to losing weight and that is not good because you have tragedies with girls being ill or even worse,” she told Huffington Post. “There’s no doubt that there are some models who are too thin.”

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