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Orange juice a profitable commodity for investors, says report

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Who can say no to a glass of orange juice? It is so refreshing, particularly when it is served cold in scorching summer. It is pretty good for the health, as it is high in vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants among other things.

It also boosts immunity and digestive health and lowers the hazards of cancer. Now, a new report mentions its potential blessing for a totally different breed of people: investors.

A report in the French media says that while average prices for many raw materials have fallen, stocks for the popular breakfast drink have seen a spectacular rise since the start of the year and they are not losing pace.  

“More profitable than oil, traders flock to orange juice,” the financial newspaper Les Echos says. 

It has joined the pantheon of gold and copper as one of the best commodities to invest in over the coming months.

Prices for the drink have soared since the start of the year, and investors have been paying attention. A market analyst at a financial services firm says, “Orange juice is quite simply the most profitable raw material right now.” 

Market speculators fancy raw materials, but they are subject to the whims of stock markets triggered by political turmoil. Petrol, gas and wheat prices, for instance, have been badly hit by the war in Ukraine.

But the Ukraine conflict has not affected orange juice, whose prices have spiralled by 30 per cent since the start of the year, the report says.


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