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Paris Hilton shattered after death of 23-year-old pet chihuahua

Paris Hilton poses for a photograph.

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It is not just commoners who are fond of dogs, celebrites too love having pets.

Some of the famous figures are Justin Bieber with his Oscar, a blonde Yorkshire Terrier; Lewis Hamilton and Roscoe, who is also a model(!); and Taylor Swift and Benjamin Button. Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian family has gone one step further, with nine dogs.

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton too is in the bandwagon: however, she has overtaken Kylie’s record with 10 dogs sporting such peculiar names as Peter Pan and Marilyn Monroe.

Hilton just suffered a major loss. Her pet chihuahua, who was 23 years old, passed away and the fashion diva is devastated. The dog was, for some bizarre reason, called Harajuku B****.

Paris Hilton 1

She was deeply loved by the actor and media personality.

 “For an incredible 23 years, she filled my life with so much love, loyalty, and unforgettable moments,” Hilton said, according to the Independent.

The chihuahua was a “tiny ball of love” who lit up and brought joy into her life.

Fans commiserated with her. Maleficent actor Elle Fanning commented: “An unbearable pain…. Rest peacefully sweet baby!”

A fan commented: “23 years! You are so blessed to have each other for so long.”

Last year, one of her chihuahuas named Diamond Baby went missing, and has still not been found.

She hired several experts to help her find her pet, including a pet detective, a dog whisperer and a pet psychic.


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