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Nose Jobs: Top 5 reasons people choose Bizrahmed

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Nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty, have become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide. This surgical procedure is designed to enhance the nose's appearance, correct any functional issues, and ultimately boost self-confidence to allow people to seize the day truly.

People from far and wide seek Bizrahmed’s rhinoplasty in Dubai to treat various problems, including sleep apnea, deviated septum, and difficulty breathing. Whether you're unhappy with the shape of your nose or suffer from breathing problems, a nose job could be the solution you're looking for. Below we’ll give you 5 reasons to opt for rhinoplasty in Dubai at Bizrahmed should you need a nose job.

  1. Better nasal function

    A deviated nose can cause tremendous discomfort, both psychologically and physiologically. If the structure of your nose is affected by a traumatic injury or birth defect, it can make breathing difficult. In turn, you may experience sleep disturbances, have a dry mouth from having to use your mouth for breathing, and may start snoring.

    A rhinoplasty at Bizrahmed in Dubai can help amend structural problems associated with your nose, helping your nose function as it should and enhancing your quality of life.

  2. Straighten your nose

    Bizrahmed’s rhinoplasty procedure can significantly improve the appearance of your nose and its surrounding structures. If you have bumps on your nose which, although natural, can dampen your confidence, then a rhinoplasty in Dubai can be undergone to remove the bump and straighten your nose.

    The Bizrahmed rhinoplasty procedure can help give you the newfound confidence you deserve, ridding you of the anxieties associated with your previous insecurities.

  3. A permanent fix for traumatic injury

    People who have suffered an injury or trauma to their nose may choose to have a nose job to correct any damage or disfigurement caused by the incident. A rhinoplasty at Bizrahmed can correct structural damage and replicate to the best of his ability how the individual’s nose looked before the injury.

    Unlike non-surgical treatments that aim to fix your nose's shape temporarily, rhinoplasty is permanent. Unless you embark upon further activities that put your nose at risk, like playing a contact sport, your new nose will stay intact, functional, and in structural harmony with the rest of your facial features.

  4. Sleep soundly

    Though the disturbance brought upon by snoring can lead to trouble in the bedroom, the repercussions of snoring are far-reaching: they can affect both your and your partner’s mental health, reduce your quality of sleep, and be a sign of a more serious condition.

    Dr Bizrah can identify structural abnormalities that may be causing your snoring using cutting-edge diagnostic technologies available at the clinic. Once identified, he’ll perform rhinoplasty using the best technique suited to your case, after which you’ll be able to sleep soundly without the fear of disrupting your partner or your health.

  5. Change the appearance of the nose

Whether you’re trying to fix a congenital abnormality or are just unhappy with how your nose looks, a rhinoplasty in Dubai at Bizrahmed can benefit you. Dr Bizrah can provide several surgical treatment options that can help change how your nose looks, from reducing the size of your bulbous tip to closing the gap between your nostrils. These cosmetic inconveniences can only be managed using a rhinoplasty.

Choose Bizrahmed for your rhinoplasty in Dubai

Bizrahmed’s founder and leading plastic surgeon, Dr Bizrah, honed his expertise with leaders in his field to perform Rhinoplasty in Dubai for patients worldwide. With over 3 decades of experience and intuition to provide only the most innovative solutions to your condition, you can guarantee that your treatment will be bespoke and tailored to your specific needs.