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South Korean woman obtains driving licence finally after 960 attempts


Cha Sa-soon poses next to her new car Kia Soul.

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A South Korean woman, who spent $13,400 getting her driving licence, finally succeeding on her 960th attempt, has risen to prominence again almost 15 years after her story made international headlines.

Cha Sa-soon’s story has been reshared on Reddit, where it has garnered attention due to her tenacity in chasing her driving license.

She took her first attempt at the written test in April 2005, but unfortunately was not successful. However, the South Korean was not deterred, and continued to retake it until she passed, sitting the exam every day, five days a week over three years, according to the Daily Mail.

Korea-Woman-Licence-1 Cha Sa-soon poses with the driver’s licence certificate.

She then reduced this to just twice a week, until she finally passed the written test, on her 860th attempt.

Once she had that under her belt, she moved on to the practical test, which would also prove a challenge.

Cha Sa-soon had to take that test 10 times, bringing the total number of driving examinations up to 960, between the written and practical elements.

She, however, did not give up despite the expense, as she needed to be able to drive for her vegetable-selling business.
According to Cha Sa-soon’s driving instructor at Jeonbuk Driving School, when she finally passed, it was 'a huge burden off their backs'.

“When she finally got her licence, we all went out cheering and hugged her, giving her flowers,” the driving instructor said.

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