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India’s biggest content creator Awez Darbar is here to melt your hearts!

Awez Darbar.

Awez Darbar is an internet sensation with a mammoth followership on social media. The digital star boasts of 26M followers on Instagram and 9.7M subscribers on YouTube! He is the son of renowned singer and music director Ismail Darbar.

Despite hailing from a family that has its roots deep into the Bollywood industry, Awez has carved a niche for himself as dancer, choreographer, YouTuber, content creator, and one of India’s top social media influencers. The young talent is also an entrepreneur and owns a dance studio by the name of Atrangz.

In an exclusive interview with Gulf Today India, Awez Darbar says, “I have never felt the pressure to pursue music or Bollywood even though I have grown up among Bollywood stars. Dancing has been my passion since childhood, and I love what I do! My family and friends have been my greatest motivation in my journey so far, and they are who keep me going.”

The incredible dancer is seen collaborating with many Bollywood celebrities in his videos. He also takes dancing workshops in his studio, and has a penchant for teaching. Awez says, “There is a certain soul satisfaction in imparting anything you possess to others. Nothing makes me happier than watching people embrace my creations.

I feel blessed to be able to give back to the world, because the world has given me more than I could have asked for!” Awez Darbar is a real heartthrob among his fans, and they love him! On his fans, and fame, the down to earth influencer says, “Fame is simply the by-product of good work. My fans are a testament of the work I do. I live for them, and I am so immensely grateful for the love and kindness they have showered on me. I am looking forward to creating newer and more interesting content for them in the near future”.

Awez is considered as one of the pioneers of content creation in India. Be it dancing, acting, or prank videos, he creates versatile yet relatable content for a plethora of audiences ranging from generation Z, to millennials to even baby boomers. On creating content Awez says, “When I create content, I create it with the perspective of putting myself in my audience's shoes.

I always think to myself, is this a genre or a kind of video that I would enjoy as a viewer? If it resonates with me, I make it happen for my audiences as well. I think that is the key to making good content.” When asked where he takes inspiration from for creating videos, he says, “My videos are mostly inspired from things I see happening around me every day. I believe there is a lot of inspiration we can find if we just pay attention to the everyday madness in life!”.

The content creator is managed by influencer incubator and management agency NOFILTR.Group that helps creators explore undiscovered genres, unlocking a new side of their talents every day. Awez is one of the star creators in NOFILTR as well. With the support of his team, he is now experimenting with work, and wants to take his talent a notch higher.

Who knows, we might see him in a Bollywood flick next! Awez is a total people-person, and loves his family and friends. He loves making dance videos with his sister Anam Darbar, brother Zaid Darbar, and best friend Nagma Mirajkar. A lesser-known fact, Awez taught his sister Anam how to dance when she was all of six years old! Now we know that Awez is a born talent! When not working, Awez loves to travel, and spend time with his loved ones.


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