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Babies born on UAE National Day join celebrations of country

Ghazal Hamza with parents Hamza Mohamed and Nadeen Al Quraan.

Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

Healthy babies born on the 51st birthday of the United Arab Emirates have brought more happiness than usual.

A minute after 12 midnight that signaled the entry of the auspicious December 2, Almas became the third girl of a Syrian family to be followed at 12:07 a.m. by first-born Meheddin, also to a Syrian couple at the NMC Royal Hospital in Sharjah.

Almas’ father, Mohammed Allazkani said: "Our beautiful baby girl is here and she looks like a world of everything beautiful. She has chosen the UAE National Day, an important day for us to remember forever. We wish the Rulers of this country all the happiness and best wishes.”

Meheddin’s mother, Nour said: "He is our first-born and so anticipated by the entire family. His birth will always be special, and the National Day celebration around the country makes it feel like everyone is celebrating this day with us.”

At the same hospital too were born at dawn three other boys: Nouh to medical representative Sanaa and computer engineer Mohammed Kamal from Palestine; Murad to housewife Reem Kabaash and sales manager Alaa Yahya from Russia; and Abdulrahman to housewife Wafaa Lamsalia and aerospace engineer Hesham Taki from Morocco - while Fatima to Cameroonian-Moroccan parents.

Sanaa said: "Our third son has arrived and his two brothers cannot wait to see him.”

Reem said: "Murad is our second and super precious. I am proud he shares his birthday with the UAE National Day.”

Hesham said: "Our first two children were born in Morocco and despite all our apprehensions, it has been a cakewalk experience for both of us.”

Fatima’s father Mohammed who works for Dubai Police said: "Our first, our daughter, my princess. A true blessing. She is our world now.”

Over at the NMC Specialty Hospital (Abu Dhabi), Scottie Alexis is the first-born of Alejandro Jeremias and Kay Cabugao Delfin, healthcare assistant and nurse respectively, from the Philippines: "We are delighted that our first baby was born during the 51st UAE National Day. We love this country. It has been our second home in the past four years.”

At the Burjeel Medical City (Abu Dhabi), delivered by the stork to Reem Al Saleh and Yousif Ali Al Hussain from Syria, was their eighth child, Emarat; to Wifaq Mohamed Ibrahim and Ibraheem Ezz Aldeen from Sudan was their baby boy they have yet to name; to Esraa Noir from Egypt was Diala; and to a couple from Yemen, was Omer.

Yousif said of Emarat: "Ever since I learnt about her gender, I wanted to name her Emarat after the UAE out of gratitude to this good land which I came to 20 years ago. I thought this is the best way to prove my love to this country that has given me prosperity, support and security.”

At the Medeor Hospital (Abu Dhabi), Little Ruganda Mustafa Angro was welcomed by her parents from Syria whose father, Mustafa, profusely thanked God for making her arrive "on the National Day of my second country and home.”

The parents of Ghazal, Hamza Mohamed and Nadeen Al Quraan from Jordan, also expressed gratefulness to "the Almighty.” Ghazal’s birth at Burjeel Hospital (Abu Dhabi) was registered at 12:01 a.m.
The Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children (Abu Dhabi) welcomed two newborn Emiratis.

From the Alhashimi family was the father, who said: "We have decided to name our beautiful son Khalifa. We are delighted and utterly blessed that he arrived on this special day. The father of Sherina of the Ali Alqubaisi family said: "Our daughter being born on the UAE’s 51st National Day is extremely special and a happy moment for us.”

From the RAK Hospital (Ras Al Khaimah) were born Emirati Aasha Salem and Hend Yousef. Aasha’s mother, Aasha Salem Jumah Alshehhi, waited for eight years for another girl in the family, the other being 12 now and the big sister to four brothers. Hend’s mother, Hend Yousef Jasem was happy to deliver her second child.
Kashif Ali and Haseena Kashif from Pakistan have yet to name their baby girl born at the Zulekha Hospital (Dubai).

"We are really excited that our baby was born safe on this National Day. We wish everyone a Happy National Day,” said Ernil S. Cerdena from the Philippines. His wife, Graziela, also from the Philippines gave birth to Eliziah at the Prime Hospital (Dubai).