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What is Alfredo Barulli's net worth? Dubai's most popular Italian influencer exposed

Alfredo Barulli.

Alfredo Barulli is a famous Dubai-based Instagram celebrity often spotted at luxury hotels, fancy resorts, and fine-dining restaurants worldwide, but his net worth has never been publicly revealed. Is he super-rich? How is he buying his way into these fancy places?

The truth is that influencers at his level get paid to go to these places; Brands, restaurants, and hotels from the most crucial tourist destinations regularly invite influencers with sponsorship agreements. In other words, these luxury properties offer complimentary staycations, which are the key to Alfredo Barulli’s extravagant way of life.

However, unlike other Instagram Influencers, Alfredo Barulli’s net worth comes not only from sponsorships and collaborations with luxury properties but also from 10X EXPERTS, his VIP Publicity agency.

Italian influencer based in Dubai, Alfredo Barulli, was born in Massafra, a little town in the South of Italy. To pursue his passion, he earned unparalleled skills in digital marketing, funnel marketing, Facebook and Instagram marketing, content creation, and Digital PR.

To assist entrepreneurs and brands in obtaining exclusive press coverage and social media lead generation that will enable them to grow and stand out, he launched a PR agency called 10X Experts. But, as previously mentioned, he is also an Instagram Superstar with about 1 million followers. He leads a luxurious lifestyle and travels the globe due to being frequently approached by upscale hotels, resorts, and fine dining establishments. 

In Dubai, everyone desires to lead a privileged lifestyle, and Alfredo accomplishes that at the Burj Khalifa, the site of a variety of wealthy business leaders. He meets with Dubai's Elite VIPs and international celebrities to discuss their PR plans, media features, and social media initiatives.

Being a self-made man, Alfredo worked tirelessly to create everything from the base. In contrast to other influencers, his income comes from various sources, including his PR firm, with which he offers VIP Publicity worldwide and on his Instagram feed.

Furthermore, the majority of these locations fall within his VIP Publicity Agency. On top of that, his partner Antonella Attorre is also a well-known luxury travel influencer, which brings in even more business to the agency as sponsorship and clients arrive from both sides. It is a win-win scenario for any brand or business owner who wants to collab with multiple Influencers and hires a PR Agency simultaneously.


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