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Queen Elizabeth did not ‘like her hands’


Queen Elizabeth II.

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Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away recently, was the quintessential model of dignity, composure and friendliness. Throughout her decades-old reign, there was not one scandal about her in the media, such has been the strength of her character.

Despite testing positive for Covid, she continued working at the palace. This shows the level of her dedication.

Talk about the virus means sanitising hands, but a British photographer had something interesting to say about her attitude towards her hands.

The photographer, Rankin, said that the Queen once told him that she “didn’t like her hands”.

Rankin clicked the queen ahead of her Golden Jubilee in 2022. When he met her a “wave of empowerment” washed over him, according to the Independent.

Rankin wanted to photograph her holding a sword,’ but she said, ‘I don’t like my hands.’ [I thought] that’s the best ‘get out’ for holding the sword.

Rankin added that, before the shoot, he saw the Queen “laughing and joking” with a footman. It showed her as a very modest person, with a great sense of humour.

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