Egyptians collect 80 million pounds to save Aliaa and Farida from rare disease - GulfToday

Egyptians collect 80 million pounds to save Aliaa and Farida from rare disease


Aliaa and Farida with their mother.

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The Egyptian page "Power of Social Media," which is responsible for the fundraising campaign for the two girls (Aliaa and Farida), twins of spinal muscular atrophy, type II, revealed the completion of collecting 80 million Egyptian pounds needed for their treatment.

The page thanked the Petro Trade employees who contributed part of their salary to Aliaa and Farida, and the broadcaster Tamer Shaltout, who appeared in a live broadcast with the actress Nihal Anbar, to push the donation wheel for the two girls.

The page had previously raised public donations for the girl "Ruqiah," where it raised 40 million Egyptian pounds to save her from spinal muscular atrophy, type II.

Alia-Frida-Egyptianchild Aliaa and Farida.

It is worth noting that the price of one injection for the treatment of the disease (first and second types) is 40 million Egyptian pounds and is imported from abroad by request. The child with the disease must be injected with it before he or she is two years to ensure its effectiveness.

In case of delay beyond two years, the injection leads to a greater spread of muscle atrophy which may affect the respiratory and heart muscles and lead to death.

The patient child must also injected once in a lifetime, intravenously for an hour to insert a healthy gene to replace the missing “smn1” gene, responsible for movement in all the muscles of the body.

The page said that it will start a new campaign to collect donations for the girl "Seline," whose condition is similar to that of "Ruqiah, Aliaa and Farida" and also needs an injection of 40 million Egyptian pounds, according to local media.

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