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VIDEO: Man proposes to lady, giraffe sticks neck out to spoil the scene


A combo image shows a man proposes to a woman.

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When a man proposes to a woman, for the latter, excitement hits the stratosphere. There are butterflies in the stomach, the neurons go into overdrive.  It is a flashbulb moment, something that needs to be captured on camera.

However, one couple will never forget their favourite moment because stealing the thunder from the proposal was a creature that stuck its neck out literally. It was a giraffe that played spoilsport at the delightful moment.

During a safari, Montserrat Cox was all elation when her boyfriend got down on one knee to pop the big question in a romantic setting.

As she happily accepted the proposal and the ring, a giraffe surfaced from nowhere, apparently trying to realise the gravity of the scene.

Perhaps it was jealous that the man was showering all his love on Cox, so it started breathing down her neck, giving her a headbutt in the bargain.

This caught her off-balance, and she fell back from the force. She had to wear a neck brace for the next few days. Despite being hurt, the TikTok buff said it was "still the best proposal ever."

In the video clip, the 1964 track Remember (Walking In The Sand), a TikTok favourite, played out in the background, where people use the "Oh No!" part as sound when posting something that goes wrong.

The giraffe video during the engagement has garnered 2.8 million views, 282,000 likes and plenty of comments from the world of social media, according to the Independent.

One person said: "Giraffe was like: you can do the ring part, but I'm doing the kissing part."

"At least it waited for the ring to be on ur finger first," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Nah that giraffe was straight up trying to steal the spotlight."

"He thought someone said 'you may now kiss the bride,'" a fourth person commented.

"It hurt for a couple days, but I was so happy I didn’t notice!" Cox said in the comments section.

The long and short of it: post-engagement we wonder whether the giraffe will be invited to the Big Day in the couple’s life.

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