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Scientists find way to see the beginnings of the universe


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Scientists have found a way to see into the very beginnings of the universe.

New research has discovered a way to “look” through the fog of the early universe and see light as it comes from the first stars and galaxies in the cosmos.

Looking deep into the universe allows scientists to, effectively, travel back in time: looking at the most distant parts of the cosmos means seeing light that came from its very beginnings, allowing us to see the universe as it begins.

But doing that is difficult. The view is clouded by a fog: thick clouds of hydrogen as well as the distortion from other signals that can get in the way of the distant ones that scientists are looking for now.

It means that, though scientists know a good amount about the Big Bang and the very beginning of the universe and how stars evolve latter in their life, the time between is still largely mysterious. Scientists still know relatively little about the “first light” of the cosmos, when the stars and galaxies started switching on.

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