Fitness Celebrity, Ferhat Kacmaz presents revolutionary NFT Real Life Project - FitBurn - GulfToday

Fitness celebrity, Ferhat Kacmaz presents revolutionary NFT Real Life Project - FitBurn


Ferhat Kacmaz.

Various industries across the globe have been benefitting from the technological advancements that have been introduced from time to time. Presently, the blockchain technology is going great guns and various industries are steadily implementing this futuristic technology in their business workings. 

FerhatKacmaz who is a successful multipreneur has always believed in amalgamating modern methods to move forward as they tend to give an edge over others. He has been around the fitness space from quite some time now as he was the one responsible for introducing Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) a modern German technology to the Middle East through Fit in Time, his fitness chain which helped in turning the condition of many fitness enthusiasts to optimum levels.

Ferhat has always tried to think way ahead of time and that made him think about bringing the fitness space with NFTs, and that's how FitBurn was born. He strongly believes that FitBurn will revolutionize the industry in a big way as this is a one of its kind concept which has never been thought of before, which makes it all the more exciting. It's the world’s first burn-to-earn application that allows you to earn money in the form of Caloriecoin
(CAL). Users need to get their FitBurn and join a gym membership for free. They need to set FitBurn in their smartwatches and start the app. For every calorie they burn, they earn Caloriecoin which can be used to trade, hold, upgrade their NFTs, purchase supplements or get a discount at any of their retail partners. It's a unique concept that pays users to go to the gym and sweat it out.

According to this success fitness entrepreneur, alternative digital assets will occupy a major place in the world's business workings and those who adapt to this growing technology early would be able to reap its benefits immensely, that's the reason he has come up with this innovative NFT based fitness project which will strike a right balance between the two, benefitting many along.



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