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Adopting eco-friendly lifestyle avoids life-threatening diseases, says expert


Jack Lowe.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

Health is wealth. We should take care of it in order to face the challenges of the world and to avoid chronic and life-threatening diseases. The easiest ways to make a workout eco-friendly is to move outside every day for around 45 minutes to stay fit.

Jack Lowe, founder of Fit for Life Foundation, revealed this during an exclusive interview with Gulf Today, adding that the people should adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle for health benefits and the good of the planet.

Jack, who is above 80 years old, mentioned that engaging in cardiovascular activities, such as moving the lawn, cleaning up beaches or any other activity that increases heart rate would benefit health and the environment.

"Eating fresh organic foods will help nourish the body and the planet. Similarly, getting outdoors and connecting with other people in the community is beneficial for health and wellbeing."

He noted that walking is good, doing gardening is good anything that gets you moving and out of sitting down on a chair for example in my office he always stand up on his desk and he don’t sit down, you know I might just go and sit down just to do something for 5 minutes but its better for everyone to stand up than to sit in front of a computer screen all day long.

He mentioned that due to sedentary lifestyle nowadays people are getting Type 2 diabetes, according to him diabetic can’t be care completely but any how it can be reversed due to strict diet and daily exercises. 

To a question about role of weather for being active, he stated that it is a little bit hard judgment for him to make but he think when you get more active you eat at regular time you do exercise at regular time you plan your day, you have a routine, the routine is a big part of how you combine things and because you can feel once you’ve put your routine into place what time you eat, how many hours you sleep at night when you do your exercise you can feel what is doing good for you it’s a innate thing that your body can feel and of course its good to get these exams , diagnosis  every once a year , have an exam every once a year with all tests that they do just to make sure you are on the right track or not if they tell you to do something you should do it.

Highlighting the role of his foundation in Geneva, he noted that the main objective originally was to keep people of his age category healthy for longer and living better and not be put in home for old folks, it happens for a lot of old peoples because they no longer have mobility or cardiovascular problems they cant climb up stairs in their own house, so to extended that life period and the life period which is extended biter and healthier.

“Well if you look at United States there is a very high rate in obesity in children that starts at age 5 and it very hard to get children to do something at age 5  but this is not a hard rule whenever the family can get the children involved by bicycling or hiking , swimming all of these are things that the family can do together I think its worth doing and its worth having programmes that are socially oriented towards those people as wellas well as the older people,” Jack concluded.


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