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'Prison bread' to ward off bad luck will now be available at prison outlets in India


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'Jail ki roti' (prison bread) is a term normally used to warn a person about a possible jail stint. There is also a belief that jail food - roti in particular - protects even the future generations of those who eat them to ward off bad luck.

People are known to plead with officials to let them have a 'jail ki roti' even if it comes as a premium. Several top politicians and bureaucrats are known to have asked for 'jail ki roti' from officials to ward off bad luck, which may even include a stint in jail.

"Some have come on the pretext of checking jail food and then eat a meal," said a prison official.

Finally, jail officials in Uttar Pradesh have decided to resolve the problem by opening food outlets in major jails from where people can buy food, including rotis, prepared by the inmates.

DG Jail, Anand Kumar, said that the food outlets will be opened soon and jail authorities will be involved in branding and marketing of products made by jail inmates.

The income from these outlets will be recycled and used to upgrade the facilities and amenities inside jails.

"We plan to sell items like snacks that have a longer shelf life. In case there is demand for roti, we will comply. The outlets will help enhance the culinary skills of the inmates, some of whom were recently given cooking tips by celebrity chef Ranveer Brar," said an official.

It is noteworthy that 'Akanksha', a unit run by UP IAS Wives Association, employs women and girls from economically weaker sections and trains them to prepare traditional Indian snacks, sweets, savouries and masalas in a clean, hygienic environment.

The snacks are prepared under strict quality control, using the best raw materials. It is known for its purity, high quality and authenticity of taste and has maintained impeccable standards over the past years.

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