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Father visits Bugatti store in France with six kids, shocks staff with an order of 8 cars


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A father of six recently visited Bugatti’s headquarters in France and took the staff by surprise with an order of 8 Bugattis.

Staff understood the need for two out of eight assuming the man will keep one for himself and the second one for his wife, but could not apprehend the purpose of rest of the six cars.

They were awestruck when their ‘ultra-rich’ customer said that he wants cars for each of his six kids.

‘Already shocked’ staff almost fainted when their client said that none of his six kids are of driving age.

The unnamed customer not only bought a Bugatti for each kid, but he also brought all of them with him on the trip to Molsheim in France to take delivery.

As the kids were small he bought Baby II for all of his six kids. The cost of each of these six ‘baby’ cars is around $40,000.

The children chose one ‘Baby II’ with their favourite colours Orange, Yellow, White, Green, Red, and Blue.

Bugatti-1 A man stands next to a Bugatti Divo displayed at the Concept-Cars and Automobile Design exhibition in Paris. File/ AFP

‘Baby II’ was created as a tribute to the classic Bugatti Baby, a creation Ettore Bugatti gifted to his youngest son Roland.

They’re a 75% scale, fully-electric recreation of the Bugatti Type 35.

The father bought for himself a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ and a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition. Starting price for a Bugatti is around $3,300,000. 

The supercar manufacturer Bugatti wants the world to know it has taken environmental concerns to heart although it is preparing a next generation of high-speed machines.

Environmental Concern

The French manufacturer has implemented a series of measures to offset the carbon emitted by the 81 race cars pilots it produced last year, including switching to biogas and other green energy sources to power its production facilities in northeast France.

But will Bugatti, which has hinted at "surprises" this year, join other luxury automakers in switching to electric or hybrid models?

"For the next 10 years, only the W16 engine will deliver the excitement and passion expected by our supercar customers,” company CEO Stephan Winkelmann recently said of its massive 16-cylinder engine.

There are less than 700 Bugattis in the world and they average only 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) per year.

This is likely because the average Bugatti owner has a collection of 42 cars to choose from, depending on the brand."

"In 2018, that represented the equivalent of 1,380 tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted by Bugatti and its clients," the firm's managing director Christophe Piochon told media.


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