Taking over the world of beauty with her one-of-a-kind beauty lounge is Alexandra Ibrahim - GulfToday

Taking over the world of beauty with her one-of-a-kind beauty lounge is Alexandra Ibrahim


Alexandra Ibrahim.

We have glanced massive success journeys of men but have hardly come across much about women. But a young woman like Alexandra Ibrahim is setting a perfect example of women empowerment. This lady has come across a long journey with massive obstacles but her confidence, talent, knowledge and passion for her work lead her to stupendous success of which she couldn’t have thought.

Originally from Beirut and now being a resident of Dubai, the city of dreams. She accomplishes her education of Master degree in marketing and got certified in the niche of digital marketing.

She is a digital creator, social media influencer and also explored herself globally in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, skincare and what not. Her determination and consistent performance propelled her to open her own brand in the beauty world in Dubai as a beauty lounge.

Alexandra has equally focused on implementing innovative technology and the interiors to give her beauty lounge a perfect lounge which will definitely give sound results, which will equally give her clients pro services of hair, nails, lashes, lamination, waxing, message, hair treatments and much more.

The brand will focus the need of their clients and work accordingly with their innovative technology products and the pro-found knowledge with skilled art will make their clients supremely satisfied. Her content mostly focuses on beauty, skincare, fashion, sports and lifestyle. She has collaborated with the popular brand Maybelline and Benefit in Lebanon.

Her experience, skills and creativity are the asset of her success globally. She has worked with the renowned brands like Charlotte, Tilbury, L’oreal, JIJIL Collection, The Giving Movement, Honor Arabia, Les Benjamins, Pretty Little Thing, Jw Pie, Foreo, and Noon. 

She has worked in the massive corner of the world catering her pro knowledge, experience and expertise of her art and making her the promising future beauty of the entrepreneual world.

Though to open her own beauty lounge in UAE, Dubai will be not cake walk for her, the competition and changing demand of market will give her massive challenges. But the confidence, talent and experience the young lady carries it is equally tough to give her a fight. She is master in her art which will gain the attraction of Dubai people.

The beauty and content creator has set her bench mark high, which creating a buzz in the industry. Stay tuned with her beauty lounge and do follow her on Instagram @alexsaibrahim.