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VIDEO: Turtle slapping its partner as part of courting rituals goes viral


A combo image shows a male turtle slapping a female turtle.

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A video clip documented by the camera lens of American standup comedian Jamie Pappas at the Heinz Wildlife Sanctuary showed two turtles, one of whom was slapped several times, sparking a wide interaction around the video, which achieved millions of views, according to CNN.

The 29-year-old shared the video during her trip to the Sanctuary.

"I put a lot of time and effort into my videos, but of course it's the turtles I post that get all the attention and slapping seems to be quite a trend these days," Pappas told local media.

A biologist at Heinz Wildlife Sanctuary said that this is the prime mating season for these hard-shelled reptiles, and slapping is part of the courtship dance.

Sanctuary’s Garrett White said this video shows a tortoise engaged in a courtship show.

White said the male is seen slapping.

According to the Philadelphia news site, the theory behind the slapping and other behavior you see in the video is that it’s the male’s attempt to show the female turtle his overall fitness, ability to maneuver in waters.

Siddharta Cero said, “Once again the academy turtle awards presents: Turtle Rock vs  Tortoise Smith.”

Donna M wrote on Youtube, “Who’s giggling in their office there having put “slap happy” on this video? Bad human!😂🤣”

Another said, “One of them must've said something about the others wife…”

Plank Face wrote, “Slapping is really in this season. LOL sad but true.”

A youtuber wrote, “These turtles have become shell-ebrities for the way they ‘slap’ each other as part of their courting ritual. 🐢”

A user with the name, Chicken Wings said, “Will approves of this Slap Match.”

Tacoma Sparks said, “It's like there a couple. Best turtle couple of 2022 goes to them❤”

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