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Seven-year-old identifies all 206 bones and 650 muscles of human body, enters record books


Ankit Ghosh poses with his trophy, medals and record certificates.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Just 6 minutes and 43 seconds! that was the time taken by Ankit Ghosh to recite the names and identify all the bones and muscles of the human body.

As the second grader pointed out the bones and muscles from slides showing pictures of human bones and muscles, the judges and the audience were quite amazed even by his confidence and clarity of speech.

The World record was set by Ankit via an online event and representatives from OMG Book of World Records were present at the live event and confirmed that Ankit had successfully made the record.

Separately, Ankit’s record was also acknowledged and accepted by India Book of Records who presented him with a certificate for “Maximum muscles of human body identified by a kid.”

His record was later broadcast in an Indian television news channel.

"The human body is just so amazing, and I loved learning more about it!”

These were the words of Ankit Ghosh, when asked about his journey of setting the world record.

Being asked about his choice of topic, he stated- “While most record holders try to look outside to find inspiration for their topic, I felt I should look at the closest and the most precious thing belonging to me, which is my body.”

Ankit Ghosh is a student of JSS International School, Dubai who has presently started his Grade 3 after the term end break.

His schoolteachers and Abacus teacher had sent their best wishes earlier and were delighted by the final World Record news.

Ankit mentioned that his preparation time was about two months during which he had applied various memory techniques.

He had learned them by watching YouTube videos of different Memory champions and from an Indian specialist Sushant Mysorekar.

Ankit’s mother had been his greatest support during his learning journey, who helped him memorise and practice regularly.

While Ankit has been born and brought up in Dubai, his parents are from West Bengal, India.

They have been living as UAE residents for many years now. 

Ankit’s parents expressed their happiness at the completion of his record.

His father, Suman Ghosh works with a government organisation in Abu Dhabi and his elder sister Anaya Ghosh, is currently a Grade 10 student at JSS International School, Dubai.

Ankit is an ardent learner and enjoys mental challenges like solving the Rubik’s cube, Abacus, and chess.

He also enjoys drawing and painting, dancing, singing, and playing online games.

Ankit aspires to become an architect when he grows up as he is inspired by the world-famous buildings of Dubai.

Meanwhile Ankit wants to keep learning new things every day and feels hard work and a positive attitude can help one in achieving anything.

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