Zulekha Hospital hosts Iftar for People of Determination & honors their guardians & mentors in association with kidzapp & touch Dubai - GulfToday

Zulekha Hospital hosts Iftar for People of Determination & honors their guardians & mentors in association with kidzapp & touch Dubai


Jean Winter, Jessica Smith, Karim Ghassan, Rahul and Zanubia Shams pose for a photograph.

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Zulekha Hospital hosted an Iftar for People of Determination along with their families and mentors at Swissotel hotel in Dubai last week. The purpose of the initiative is to value People of Determination and to show appreciation for the courage, love and commitment of their families who are “True Heroes” in their own right. The hospital worked closely with schools including Al Noor Training Center and Touch Dubai to identify and honour these individuals.

The UAE empowers people of determination and authorities stress on the role of community members to achieve a sought-after inclusive society. The law provides that person's special needs shall not be a reason to deprive him/her of their rights and services especially in welfare as well as social, economic, health, educational, professional, cultural and leisure services.

Co-Chairperson of Zulekha Healthcare Group, Zanubia Shams says, “We advocate inclusion of differently–abled individuals in all realms of the life. These individuals inspire us in their unique ways and give us strength to step forward and defy the odds. We are sure that along with committed partners in our society we can make a collective difference. We are grateful to Kidzzapp and Touch Dubai for their participation and support to this initiative.”

“Touch believes that everyone has their own unique stories and talents. Inclusion is about celebrating our differences and coming together irrespective of societal labels. It’s about encouraging our community as a whole, to embrace one another as equals, with equal rights and opportunities” added Jean Winter, Founder and CEO of Touch Dubai.

Founder of Kidzapp Karim Ghassan remarked, “Kidzapp is proud to have been able to contribute to the True Heroes Iftar. A fantastic initiative by Zulekha Hospital that recognizes the truly heroic efforts of carers of people of determination - and celebrates those stars too! A great event, the start of many that will raise awareness and fits our vision of "enriching families".

“Inclusiveness is always and will always be top on Kidzapp's agenda, and we have many more events, partnerships and initiatives in the pipeline that will bring diverse families together and enable them to enjoy the best experiences that Kidzapp has to offer,” he adds.

Jessica Smith, Co-Founder and COO of Touch, an Australian Paralympic swimmer and motivational speaker also joined the occasion. The event hosted 17 People of Determination along with their mentors and families, and honoured one “True Hero” from each family. Zulekha Hospital also announced priority services including discounted consultations and services to the People of Determination on this occasion.