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VIDEO: Moroccan youth sets world record for most consecutive reverse jumps on one foot in 30 seconds


Ayoub Touabe celebrates with the Guinness World Records certificate.

Gulf Today Report

Guinness World Records, the official authority for monitoring and recording records around the world, celebrated on Wednesday its annual 2021 day.

The world organization has revealed new exceptional records, all under the slogan "Super Skills."

From the Middle East and North Africa, the first two attempts of Moroccan Ayoub Touabe — the international gymnast who set a record for the most consecutive reverse jumps on one foot in 30 seconds — 12 in total, were revealed.

Ayoub, who is 32, brings about 23 years of experience in the sports field.

He started his first movements in 1998 and worked hard in the field of gymnastics-related movements, inspired by his father's exercises.

Ayoub also calls for more faith in the sports field in the Arab world.

Meanwhile, Iranian Alireza Sadeghi Barzani, a 50-year-old athlete of determination, succeeded in setting a record for the farthest basketball hit from the ground using the hand at 15 metres.

The story of Ali Reda is considered one of the most important, as the athlete who walks on crutches has tried to break this record since 2016.

His success was an exceptional moment, especially recorded by cameras, in the presence of an official arbitrator from Guinness World Records, during an attempt in Dubai.

"Ali Reda's attempt was a very emotional moment. After several attempts and years of training, we witnessed a very inspiring story of passion and determination to achieve success, which we celebrate on Guinness World Records Day 2021," said Kenzi El-Dafrawi, the official judge of Guinness World Records who witnessed the event.

Every year, the Guinness World Records Day monitors a specific pattern of numbers, and the character of the eighteenth edition of it this year was dominated by skills that require exceptional abilities and many years of physical training in particular. Guinness World Records has been celebrating this day annually since 2004.

Among the many numbers recorded this year during this annual festival:

      (UK) Most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick

•      (CHN) Most consecutive breakdance air flares (male) 

•      (CHN) Most consecutive breakdance air flares (female)

•      (CHN) Fastest time to complete 10 Maradona seven football tricks

•      (CHN) Most rope skips while keeping a football in the air with the head in 30 seconds (male)

•      (CHN) Most basketball three pointers in one minute

•      (JPN) Most stick Bs in 30 seconds

•      (AUS) Most cars pulled with the teeth (male)

•      (AUS) Most cars pulled by an individual (upper body)

•      (AUS) Most cars pulled by an individual (male)

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