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60-year-old Emirati realises graduation dream in Al Ain City


Khalifa Abdullah Salem Al Risi.

Mona Al Badawi, Staff Reporter

Khalifa Abdullah Salem Al Risi, a 60-year-old citizen, has completed his university studies at a record time, despite his job, family and social tasks.

He said he plans to get the Master degree and Ph.D.

Al Risi said when he was a child, he dreamt of getting a bachelor degree in Arabic and Islamic education from Al Ain University, and then a master degree and doctorate.

His wife, children and grandchildren expressed their happiness on his graduation from the Al Ain University.

He attributed his success to Allah and then to the wise leadership, that facilitated procedures, provided all possibilities and opened all doors to citizens and residents of various age groups to complete education, in schools or at universities.

AlRisi-60-year-old Salem Al Risi holds his degree after the graduation.

He added, "When I was a child, I studied the science of Quran, and at 16, I married and got children after getting a job. My dream to complete my study did not stop or vanish, so I joined the home education.”

He added after they decided his suitable level, he was enrolled in the primary sixth grade in 1986. He then continued to study at home until he finished the twelfth grade in 2017-2018.

Later he joined the university after his retirement.

Al Risi praised the encouragement he received from the university professors and students, some of whom were the age of his grandchildren.

He stressed that education is not linked to a specific age and that his journey will continue to achieve his dream of obtaining a doctorate.

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