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VIDEO: 70-year-old woman gives birth to her first child in India

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Maldhari and his wife Jivuben Rabari.

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In a rare incident in India, a seventy-year-old woman finally fulfilled her dream of motherhood, by giving birth to her first child, a boy, after losing hope in that for decades, thus joining the list of modern mothers in the world.

The doctors said the baby is in good health.

According to Indian media, the celebratory birth occurred in the state of Gujarat.


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The woman, Jivuben Rabari (70 years) and her husband Maldhari (75 years), succeeded in achieving their dream of having a child for the first time through IVF.

The elderly couple from a small village called Mora in Gujurat have been married for 45 years and have tried for decades but to no avail.

According to Rabari, she does not have an identity card to prove her age, but she confirmed that she is 70 years old, making her one of the oldest modern mothers in the world.

The couple's doctor, Naresh Bhanushali, said, “It was one of the rarest cases I have ever seen when the old lady and her husband came to us for the first time, we told them that they could not have a child at this age, but they insisted, and indeed the lady gave birth through ”

There have been several cases of women in their sixties and seventies giving birth to babies through IVF in India, and Erramatti Mangayamma is believed to be the world's oldest living woman after giving birth to twins in 2019 at the age of 74.

It is known that the chances of getting pregnant in their seventies are almost non-existent because the vast majority of women go through menopause between their late forties and early fifties.  The majority of women over the age of 45 cannot conceive without the help of IVF.


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