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Erik Roberto shares 5 vital life lessons for the young achievers of today

Erik Roberto.

Brow blading is a hot new aesthetic procedure that is fairly well-known. Yet a similar procedure, scalp micropigmentation, has people scratching their heads. If fine hairs can be recreated on a person’s brows, they can certainly be applied to the scalp.

Manhattan-based Master Barber Erik Roberto was the first barber in the industry to make scalp micropigmentation (SMP) his full-time profession.

It was Erik’s breadth of experience as a Master Barber, comprising almost two and a half decades, that paved the way for his entry into the SMP industry and becoming a guiding force. Proving himself to be a pioneer in this emerging field, Roberto has valuable advice for up-and-coming achievers.

Persistence is key

Entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges that require persistence to overcome. Erik Roberto had the additional challenge of coming to a new city and country as he left the Dominican Republic for New York 19 years ago.

He persevered to make this transition successful, and in 2007, he established one of the best barbershops in NYC. It was a long and challenging road, but Roberto’s persistence paid off.

Find the right niche

The most successful products and services are those that fill a void in the market. Erik Roberto is a multi-award-winning Master Barber who saw a new niche open up in his field of expertise. Realizing the need for SMP, he applied his considerable experience to learn this procedure and offer it when few others did. As countless people experience scarring, baldness, and alopecia, Erik Roberto was ready to supply a great demand single-handedly.

Dream big

Erik Roberto is a living example of the American dream. He had to come a long way from his native town of San Pedro De Macoris in the Dominican Republic to build his reputation as a Master Barber in New York City. Over the course of his career, Roberto has won multiple awards and created a star-studded clientele.

But all of this wasn’t enough for him. His renowned barbershop and first-place titles in major competitions were but a prelude to his most significant endeavors. In 2016, Roberto co-founded a hair clinic called Gerow Hair Ink in the middle of Manhattan. It was a big challenge because Manhattan was the seat of several other world-renowned hair-loss treatment providers, but Roberto was ready for the challenge.

Over time, Gerow Hair Ink became a leading name in the SMP industry with branches across Pennsylvania, Texas, and California, and in 2019, Erik was named the country’s best SMP provider. He encourages others to have big dreams as they can bring big rewards. However, one must be prepared to work hard for those dreams.

Your customers are your lifeline

No business can exist without customers. This is one of Roberto’s core principles, and it has shaped his exceptional customer service.

Meeting the needs of his clients, offering personalized suggestions, and delivering pleasant customer experiences led to Erik Roberto’s enviable reputation in a saturated market with thousands of competitors. As he helps people deal with physical insecurities due to little or no hair, Roberto also offers genuine empathy and concern to his clients.
Build a strong team

Gerow Hair Ink has grown quickly in a short period of time, and Roberto credits this scaling to his talented staff. The clinic has turned into a successful brand, including a training program, teaching facility, an entire pigment line, and one of the best marketing departments in the industry.

Erik Roberto could not have achieved this on his own. Thus, he emphasizes the importance of building a strong team to run an even stronger business.

Above all, Erik Roberto wants future achievers to understand the tremendous impact their products or services can have on people.

Entrepreneurs need to have some level of stewardship and remain humble even in the face of exponential success. If you are doing what you truly love, these characteristics will come naturally, and that authenticity goes a very long way.