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YouTube influencer and crypto enthusiast Moritz Herbert’s pro tips to achieve success early and make it last long

Moritz Herbert.

As a rule of thumb, the earlier you start your professional journey, the greater your potential for learning and succeeding.

The law of averages dictates that the more years you have ahead of you, the more time you have to perfect your art, refine your methods, learn from your mistakes, and achieve your goals. Of course, the flip side of the daring, ambition, innovation, and enthusiasm of youth is recklessness, indiscipline, arrogance, and a lack of resilience.

As a young and successful YouTube influencer and crypto enthusiast, Moritz Herbert has firsthand experience of the common pitfalls faced by the young when trying to make a name for themselves in any field.

And he is keen to share with us his tips to ensure that you earn your success and make it long-lasting.

“I think you should always bear in mind the age-old adage: slow and steady wins the race,” explained Moritz Herbert.

“When you’re young, and you taste your first rush of success, it is an extremely heady experience. It gives you wings, and you feel like you’ve conquered the world. It is precisely at this moment you are most likely to undermine all your hard work and achievements by taking your eye off the ball and thinking you can do no wrong. Confidence is good, but over-confidence can be fatal.

Never take anything for granted, always give 101 percent, and don’t let your aim extend your reach. Building anything takes time, but it only takes one rash decision to destroy everything you’ve built. In short, don’t get carried away and always keep your feet on the ground if you want to stick around for the duration.”

As someone who made his name by sharing video game tutorials on YouTube before branching out into the cryptocurrency market, Moritz Herbert’s greatest success came when he decided to merge his two passions and dedicate his YouTube channel, CryptoMo, to advising interested parties on cryptocurrency.

Through CryptoMo, Moritz Herbert has surpassed his earlier ambitions and scaled new heights, and he believes patience and persistence were the keys to it all.

Moritz Herbert further explained, “The younger you start, the higher your chances of hitting the bullseye. But you must learn to be patient. Remember, good things come to those who wait. Moreover, make sure you treat every experience along your journey as a learning curve to sharpen your talents and work ethic. Don’t get dissuaded from your targets. Believe in yourself, and the world will start believing back. That’s how you earn your success.”