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Your darkest moments can lead to a bright future: Stefanie Kogler

Stefanie Kogler

Stefanie Kogler

Asking women to live a free life, Stefanie Kogler is disrupting the online beauty industry by offering her quality products and sharing her knowledge on techniques to build a successful online business for women with dreams to reach the skies.

From winning golf trophies to revolutionizing the online beauty industry, Stefanie Kogler is a high-spirited woman with a never-say-no attitude.

It was only after she was detected to suffer a spinal injury that she realized she would never be able to take up golf as a long-term career.

Many of us, in a situation like hers, would have felt lost and listless in life. But Stefanie is made of sterner stuff. Her problems with her skin and her desire to find a permanent solution to acne eruptions, made her enter the beauty industry and help those women with similar problems.

She is not just responsible for suggesting adequate remedies to skin problems to numerous women, she is also interested in bringing more women into the digital ecosystem so that they are not just confident by their looks but by their financial status as well.

Urging others to improve and grow

Stefanie Kogler is the proud owner of her online beauty business and has made a strong name among several established businesses in the same industry vertical with products like hers. Her strong marketing abilities and her perseverance to come out of her comfort zone have helped her swim through the rough waters faster and with ease.

She is en route to sharing her knowledge among women who aspire to have financial freedom and social standing.

A digital business helps women effectively work from anywhere in the world, without the need to work from office spaces every day.

It also helps in prioritising time as there are no such engagements as commute time for the office. For this, one needs a strong networking capability and a focused team who are eager to make the business a success.

Alongside, she is also imparting education on financial literacy and training women to master the techniques of smart investment and financial planning.

Freedom can change the game of life

Stefanie Kogler is a true believer in freedom and why women should empower themselves to realize the taste of freedom. To achieve freedom, the first step is to find the best path to be financially solvent so that one can live life on her terms.

For Stefanie, it is not so much about being a feminist but about giving the faith to other women like hers that there is nothing in the world that is impossible to achieve; with the right mindset and determination, women can achieve their goals just like men do.

However, it is important to overcome fears and work on one’s weaknesses so that they no longer remain as weaknesses.

Stefanie Kogler nudges other women to overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary feats. For her, it has always been the darkest moments that have taught her the most crucial lessons.