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Hassan Mahmood’s 3 rules to overcome adversities and thrive every time you fall


Hassan Mahmood.

Falling on hard times is a normal part of human existence. Overcoming these adversities is extremely difficult too. However, Hassan Mahmood believes that it is possible to manage even the biggest of obstacles in your path.

According to Hassan Mahmood, adversities teach you what you are really made of and prepare you for future challenges. Hassan believes that you learn more about yourself and the world when things go wrong during hard times. Since adversities are inevitable, Hassan recommends the following three rules to overcome challenges and thrive every time you fall.

•  Life is one big lesson.

Life can be painful and knock you down constantly. However, what matters is your response to this. Hassan Mahmood equates this to getting winded from running or walking a short distance. Usually, if you’re experiencing pain from a short walk, that tells you more about your health than about the distance. The same rule applies to life. Life gives you feedback in many ways, and you need to take the lessons and run with them. It is through growth and learning that you thrive and overcome adversities.

•  Believe in yourself

Hassan Mahmood highlights this as a fundamental rule. If you don’t believe in yourself and your capabilities, you won’t get very far. Hassan adds that no amount of help or problem-solving will help you move forward if you don’t believe in yourself. Similarly, when you have an unwavering believe in yourself, nothing can shake you from your path.

•  Have a positive mindset

Staying optimistic in the face of adversity is challenging; however, Hassan Mahmood explains that this is the best way to fight setbacks. Negativity gets you nowhere, and from experience, optimistic people bounce back faster when faced with hard times. Staying positives helps and motivates you to find solutions quicker and move, while negative thoughts keep you shackled to adversity.

Life is a succession of small and large challenges that will constantly come at you. Therefore, the sooner you bounce back from adversities, the better you get at handling the next one.


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