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Syrian actor Mahayni’s lessons of life for youth

Yahya Mahayni 22

Yahya Mahayni.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Syrian actor Abed Fahed remarked: “SIFF has always played a key role in enhancing the media literacy of children and young people who are the hope of our future. Let us remember that it is our responsibility to increase their awareness and enrich their culture.”

In his address, Yahya Mahayni, Syrian actor and writer and winner of the Best Actor Award in the Horizons section at the Venice International Film Festival 2020, took the opportunity to share his life lessons with the young audience.


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“Everybody aspires for happiness – for some it is fame and money, for others it may be travelling, discovering new places, or languages. I always keep reminding myself that all these things are a means to an end, and that is happiness. There are multitude of ways to achieve it; the important thing is to be able to sustain your curiosity and imagination and pursue [your dreams],” he continued.

Mahayani added: “In my opinion, what will bring lasting happiness is self-satisfaction. Achieve your best potential, be the best person you can be and continuously work towards becoming a better person. Only when you do that you are fulfilling the purpose of your existence. I encourage each of you to ask yourself what is it that makes you satisfied with yourself. Write it down so that you can remind yourself each day and motivate yourself to becoming what you want to be. It has worked for me; it should for you too.”

The opening ceremony concluded with the Junior Jurors and the Jurors for the various categories being introduced to the audience.

SIFF 2021 opened with the South Korean film Bori, making its Middle East debut. Directed by Kim Jin-Yu, the charming film narrated the story of Bori who lives with her parents and little brother, the only member in an otherwise deaf and silent household who can talk and hear and constantly prays to go deaf too. The film focuses on the young girl's struggle to fit in with her own family.

The full slate of films at SIFF 2021 include more than 80 films from 38 countries, including 6 world premieres, 34 Middle East and four GCC premieres, and four films being shown for the first time in the UAE.

SIFF will also host 34 workshops and five panel discussions in English and Arabic, presented by a host of renowned filmmakers, on various aspects of filmmaking.

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